About DH Creative Designs

I began DH Creative Designs as a freelance graphic and web designer located in Northern Colorado. I specialize in high-quality WordPress website design templates for individuals and small sized businesses. To create each web design, I begin the process by coming up with initial concepts, brainstorming, illustration and designs and pull all of it together to create a polished look. Click here to learn more about my process.

I love what I do and I am dedicated to creating the best customer service experience possible while offering affordable, cutting-edge WordPress web design templates. I have over 10 years of Graphic/Web design experience and I continue to push forward with new innovative ideas and a think outside of the box attitude.

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Need a new website? I specialize in clean, modern and attractive website design. With the WordPress framework, your website will be easy to navigate and visually appealing to reach your target audience.

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Need your site to look good on mobile devices? With my responsive web design templates, you can have a consistent look across all browsers and media devices.